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Aloe Vera is commonly used as a natural aftershave. This desert plant is a natur..

Today’s top brands offer online versions of their direct mail catalogs. Visit ..

Everyone needs a skin regimen for healthy skin care routine. In our current era,..

Prevent this level of dehydration by starting your run already hydrated (your pe..

Summer’s here – and just like many people you might also like to spend time ..

Depending on what skin type you have, you can tailor what to use after shaving; ..

One main difference between the two is fragrance. The fragrance in men's shampoo..

Drinking Water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Your body is composed ..

Before you make a decision with what products you want to use, you need to know ..

You don't have to eat a big bowl of broccoli to be healthy. Try mixing better fo..

Gently wash and care for your skin every day. Avoid scrubbing too hard or washin..

So, Should You Use Soap or Shower Gel? Bar soap is great for removing dirt, debr..

Most often used to slough away the surface layer of the skin, body scrub can hel..

Do constant headaches bother you at work and at home? You may wonder whether you..

We will share tips on facial care and rules for a protected, healthy face. Befor..

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Imperial Touch Skin Care is a company designed to optimize healthy skin while redefining grooming techniques for men. First introduced as a razor bump company, Imperial Touch Skin Care has since evolved into a company offering a complete line of skin care products for today's active man. Our products address a multitude of skin care needs for any age at any stage of your life. From adolescent to adult acne, Imperial Touch Skin Care offers the solution. We meet the everyday needs for personal skin care, allowing men to feel good, look good and get more out of lifes.

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