What is a black head.

What is a black head.

A blackhead or comedone is caused by excess oil that mixes with dead skin cells forming a thick, sticky substance. A blackhead or an open comedone looks like a large, dark pore. The black in a blackhead isn't dirt. It's dried oil and the skin cells that gather in the opening of hair follicles. A whitehead or closed comedone, has skin growing over its opening and looks like a small, hard white bump. You can often get blackheads and whiteheads from using oil-based makeup and hair-care products. A lot of sweating and humidity also causes them;

Products with salicylic acid work well. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). BHAs, in addition to exfoliating the top layer of skin, brighten dull skin and clean out clogged pores by getting into the oil glands and breaking down dead skin cells to target blackheads. Facials are another way to treat blackheads. A facial cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin.

What NOT to Do:
Self-extracting. One false move, and you could end up with an infected cyst. If you're desperate and feel you have to take matters into your own hands, do it after a hot shower, when pores are soft and dilated. Apply gentle, even pressure around the pore using a comedone extractor - available at drugstores. But extractions are only a quick fix. Over-scrubbing your skin. Dirt doesn't cause blackheads. So don't overdo it by washing your face too often. This can irritate and dry out your skin, which could cause more acne to develop.


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