Men & women shampoos are not the same

Men & women shampoos are not the same

One main difference between the two is fragrance. The fragrance in men's shampoo appeals to men more in a holistic and aromatherapy way. Many men are turned off by the smell of coconut, flowers, passion fruit, etc., so they do not want to use those for cleansing the hair and body.  How marketing does play a great part in selling men's shampoo versus women's shampoo, there are a few different reason's how men's shampoo are different than women's.

Another thing that men's shampoo developers focus on is cleansing thoroughly as men's scalp tend to produce more oils and grit, as well as, cleansing the hair from product build-up. A lot of men will wash their hair just about everyday because of the hair products that they use. This calls for a shampoo that will cleanse the hair thoroughly without over drying the hair.

One more example of how men's shampoo and women's shampoo are different is convenience. Since men's hair, on average, is three inches long, they don't need all the heavy moisturizers that women's shampoo provide. For this reason, men's shampoo comes in forms of 2-n-1 and 3-n-1. For men who are in a hurry to get ready for the day, they feel that they need to consolidate their steps by having a shampoo and conditioner in one step.  It's a great cleanser but also gives a moisture that they can feel. The 3-n-1 is a great product for those men who go to the gym and only want to carry one bottle. They can wash their body, their hair, and still have a conditioner.


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