Healthy skincare daily routine

Healthy skincare daily routine

Everyone needs a skin regimen for healthy skin care routine. In our current era, there are countless of skin care products and chemicals produced for our skin care needs and beyond. These products contain a multitude of chemical mixtures that could evidently be bad for our skin. We end up buying multiple of different things hoping to fix one skin problem but another problem comes up. This leaves many people not knowing exactly what is good for their skin, what works for them and what doesn’t.

They will probably become frustrated and either neglect their skin, watching many tutorials that is believed to help, or buy anything that they think will help their skin problems. For example people with acne often have a hard time catered to their acne and skin type. They may have acne but also dry skin but they end up using a hard acid based cleansing routine that dries their skin even more causing more facial damage.

Here are some examples of the perfect skin regimen for different skin types:
For oily skin you need to do is use a facial cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, a face mask, and a moisturizer. For dry skin, you will use cleansing lotion, toner, antioxidant serum, moisturizer with SPF, retinol serum, eye cream, and hydrating moisturizer. For sensitive skin, you should use cleansing lotion, alcohol free toner, scent free moisturizer, and zinc oxide sunscreen.

Note: Any skin regimen has a certain time of day for when to use each products and how many times a day to use it. Following the instructions for the process should allow you to clear any skin problems you have or keep healthy skin and avoid any skin problems.

In order to have perfect skin regimen, its important to consider your skin type. Whether it is oily, dull, dry, combination, or aging skin. Take out some time to think about what your skin is like. Once you identify it, purchase products that cater to only your skin type. For example Proactiv caters to acne, oily skin. That is the only reason to use these products. Do not feed into the fad routines or popular brand products that do not cater to your skin. Falling into the wormhole of only popular products and routines, could damage your skin.

Many people see facial cleansing products that is most appealing to their eye instead of using what is good for their skin. They will probably end up having countless products that are similar but have ultimately different purposes. Using all of these products damages the skin, or causes more damage to your already damaged skin. Stick to ONE facial cleansing regimen for about 2 weeks. If it doesn’t work, let your skin breathe for a few days before finding another regimen that might help you.  


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