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I bought Imperial Touch Solutions at my barber shop. Simply put, this stuff is the real deal that really works. I have almost no more razor bumps and bumps in back of my head. Thanks Imperial Touch.

Alpharetta, GA
Gerald Mindo Gerald Mindo
Imperial Touch Solutions

I have used the razor bump solution and shaving gel combo for years. It has cleared up my face, leaving it bumps free. I have tried other products but always come back to Imperial Touch. It's truly amazing.

Lithonia, GA
Larry Owens
Imperial Touch razor bump solution and shaving gel

I am a Medical Esthetician and owner of Urban Skin Solutions, specializing in clinical skin care for people of color in Oakland, California. This is an awesome product and I recommend it highly for razor bumps and ingrowns on both men and women of all ages. It is more hydrating, less irritating and much more reasonably priced than similar products on the market. Its also very effective for acne and keratosis pilaris, those little hard bumps on the backs of the arms, shoulders, legs and buttocks.

Oakland, CA
Kathryn Leverette Kathryn Leverette
Razor Bump Solution

I really enjoy using the Shaving Gel and Razor Bump Solution. In the past I had a lot of issues with razor bumps and dark spots. The Shaving gel is thick and leaves my face feeling smooth. The Razor Bump Solution really worked well in my problem areas. My wife loves how smooth my face is now.

Deltona FL
Razor Bump Solution

I have use Imperial Touch for six months now and I really like how it cleared up all my bumps.

Austin, TX
Justin Rebla Justin Rebla
Imperial Touch Razor Solution

I have been using Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution on my customers for over 15 years. It enables me to give straight razor shaves without any complications. Customers love it and they keep coming back for it.

Atlanta, GA
Qaadir Larke, Master Barber Qaadir Larke, Master Barber
Imperial Touch Solution for Ingrown Hairs

I'm a personal sales man for imperial touch and I must say this product really do work and believe me I wouldn't be bothered with it if it didn't do what I expected it to do.I'm not only a sales person but I'm also a client.. I use this product every time I shave to keep the bumps Away and believe me they stay away..

Atlanta Georgia
Sham lee
Imperial touch

I have been using Imperial Touch for 5 years. But this Oat Protein facial scrub and Aloe Vera cleanser is the best scrub and cleanser I have ever used on me and my customers. Wow, great stuff.

Stone Mountain, GA
Alton Jarrett Alton Jarrett
Imperial Touch Razor Solution

Imperial touch is the best bump solution that I have ever come in contact with. There are many bump solutions out on the market but none are as effective and soothing as imperial touch. I have used bump patrol, bump off etc. Imperial touch takes care of the itch and it really doesn’t burn. Skin thigh and tan skin feel like they are about to melt my face away. Imperial touch can be used under your arms and on your private area that is how mild it is, but it is still the most effective bump solution that I have used. If I get an itch I just put some imperial touch on it and the itch is gone. I love it and the imperial touch products are the only products I use. From the facial scrub to the dandruff shampoo, I love them all.

Atlanta, GA
Amaad Terry Amaad Terry
Imperial Touch

This stuff is absolutely amazing. Not only did it help with Razor bumps on my chin, but it helped with the back of my neck as well. I highly recommend this product.

Columbia MD
Phillip Mercer
Razor Bump Solution
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