Imperial Touch Skin Care

About Imperial Touch

Imperial Touch Skin Care is a company designed to optimize healthy skin while redefining grooming techniques for men. First introduced as a razor bump company, Imperial Touch Skin Care has since evolved into a company offering a complete line of skin care products for today's active man. Our products address a multitude of skin care needs for any age at any stage of your life. From adolescent to adult acne, Imperial Touch Skin Care offers the solution. We meet the everyday needs for personal skin care, allowing men to feel good, look good and get more out of life. 
We are dedicated to utilizing materials, which are of the highest quality, derived from renewable resources. We have made a vigorous commitment to create an environment in which innovation flourishes throughout our company.The entire staff of Imperial Touch Skin Care upholds a level of professionalism and responsiveness to customer needs that is attained only when commitment to excellence is accompanied by personal self-respect. Satisfaction is always guaranteed. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

What We Believe

The company founding values is based on our commitment to integrity, running a responsible, honest company, great customer service and trust.  We strive to gain respect of our customers and the environment.

Mission Statement

Imperial Touch Skin Care strives to stand above the competition by providing our customers with quality products, unparalleled customer service, and to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility in everything we do. We aim to provide a pleasant, nurturing and growth oriented environment which encourages our employees to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally. 

Big Changes

Our website finally received a complete overhaul and some much needed pampering. With this new design comes a new mindset and dedication to being an active part of the men skin care community. We have included so many features to make your overall experience on much more enjoyable. We understand change can be hard, but we are here to help with any difficulties or questions about new features of the site.
Got an account? Be sure to log in to reap the benefits. Shopping while logged in will expose you to regional promotions as well as help us fine tune our campaign efforts. Registering an account and signing-in while you explore has it's benefits.We have designed your shopping and learning experience so you may take full advantage of any special promotions. Some of these promotions are designed just for you. These special offers may include product discounts or reduced or free shipping on certain items or category of products. We have even implemented some regional discounts, like flat rate shipping, wholesalers can now order online and receive even more benefits.